Google+ Disco || BELIEVE Club || Gay Disco club in Barcelona

Please don´t stop de music!

As different live shows are taking place, BELIEVE CLUB deploys all the charm of a disco club.

Different theme sessions every day of the week. The only condition? Quality music, a good DJ and a sound quality you will not believe. These three conditions will make you feel like a Believer and see life going by dancing, enjoying your free time with the quality seal of BELIEVE CLUB.

Also, we regularly hold theme parties so that every tribe in the city ends up enjoying the BELIEVE CLUB.

And as we know that one can party at night any day through the year, BELIEVE CLUB opens every day up to 5 am and Fridays and Saturdays up to 6 am.

We are clear on that: we will be the last ones to close because entertainment will keep you awake until dawn.

Do you believe?

Barcelona, 08007
C/ Balmes 56
Phone: 938 55 37 02
Fax: @believeclubbcn